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Set An Example and Profit

It’s a fact that well trained travel sellers simply sell more travel and cruises. In fact, research indicates that a CLIA Accredited Cruise Counsellor sells, on average, 261% more than an agent without CLIA Certification. Now you can demonstrate your commitment to professional development and motivate your staff to earn their CLIA Certification as a CLIA Accredited Cruise Manager (ACM)..

As An Accredited Cruise Manager, You Will:
  • Support your front-line counselors by possessing the knowledge and understanding and benefits of CLIA’s Certification requirements and content.
  • Set an example and stand ready to motivate and assist your selling agents to pursue CLIA Certification and increase their productivity.

Accredited Cruise Manager designation is a great value!
Enrollment is only $70.

ACM Requirements
  • Affiliation with a CLIAmember Travel Agency in good standing
  • Must be an executive, director, accounting manager, marketing manager, ecommerce manager, trainer or someone who works in a leadership capacity but does not function as a full-time selling travel agent with a CLIA Affiliated Agency.
  • Case Studies must be successfully completed within 2 years of enrollment date
  • Successful completion of a total of 8 out of 14 items (combination of seminars/achievements – see Mandatory ACM Training below)
  • Personal Cruise Experience (2 cruises of 7+ days) – Must be on different CLIA Member Lines
  • Ship Inspections – 5 ship inspections. May be on the same CLIA Member Line, but must be on different ships
  • Ship inspections and personal cruise experience from three years prior to the enrollment year can be applied toward completion of the ACM Designation
  • Successful completion of one of the four ACMCase Study options:
    • ACM Case Study option #1: A Marketing Plan
    • ACM Case Study option #2: A Business Plan
    • ACM Case Study option #3: Enhancing Service (analysis of levels of service)
    • ACM Case Study option #4: Closing the Sale Training (creation of a 3-hr course on the strategy of closing a sale)
  • Successful completion of eight of the fourteen following items and if applicable, their corresponding exams:
    • Building a Smart Business Plan*
    • Choosing Champions: How to Find, Train, Motivate and Keep Your Employees*
    • Creating a Cruise Marketing Plan*
    • Cruising - The Ultimate Incentive*
    • Customer Relations Management: Made Easy*
    • Direct Mail That Sells*
    • Effective Presentation Skills*
    • Getting Connected: A Primer on social Media Networking*
    • Group Sales Made Easy*
    • Local PR Techniques: How to Maximize Your Agencies Visibility*
    • Managing Your Time Effectively*
    • Negotiating to Win*
    • Achievement of The Travel Institute’s CTA, CTC or CTIE designation
    • Successful completion of CLIA’s Institute Track at cruise3sixty

*Seminars may be taken live or online
*Please visit the CLIA web site to learn more about ACM requirements.

Pricing valid through December 31, 2011
Accredited Cruise Manager Designation