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CLIA is now accepting applications for the 2012 CLIA photo ID card. is not involved in the processing or management of the CLIA ID Card program. If you have any questions regarding the card or the training prerequisite, we are not able to assist you. Please call CLIA at 754-224-2200, or email

Please remember, prior to submitting your application for a 2012 CLIA photo ID card, the following qualification requirements must be met:
  1. The individual agent or agency management must be affiliated with an active CLIA travel agency holding 2012 membership. Please encourage your travel agency to join or renew their CLIA membership early to avoid any delays in your application processing.
  2. ID Card applicants will be required to complete and pass the exam for at least one annual recurrent CLIA live training seminar or CLIA online training program not previously submitted prior to applying for their 2012 cards.
  3. 2012 ID Card applicants are required to be enrolled in, or to have achieved a designation (ACC, MCC, ECC, ECCS) in CLIA’s Cruise Counselor Certification Program.
  4. In recognition of the owners and managers of CLIA member travel agencies who manage the agency business but are not necessarily front-line sellers of travel, each CLIA Travel Agency is entitled to a management allocation of no more than four CLIA ID Cards for which the above Certification qualification is not required although annual CLIA recurrent training is necessary. Promotional codes to facilitate this management allotment are available to CLIA travel agency management via e-mail confirmation with online membership renewals and within the 2012 CLIA membership kit sent to the agency upon membership renewal.
Also - please take full advantage of your agency’s CLIA membership. Did you know:
  1. You can become a CLIA Travel Agent Member - and receive free training, personal CLIA communications, an individual listing on CLIA's web site and more?
    Click here for more information and an application.
  2. You qualify to become a CLIA Certified Cruise Counselor - CLIA certification enrollment or attainment is not only a requirement to receive a CLIA photo ID card, it's a great way to grow your cruise sales! Agent's achieving CLIA Certification state that their individual cruise sales increased 261%! And, 75% of consumer state that they would prefer to use the services of an agent who has achieved accreditation or a professional designation. It's a good business decision.
  3. You receive preferred member rates on all CLIA training programs. CLIA has a wide portfolio of travel agent training solutions including to: local classroom instruction, conference and on-request seminars, online training, DVD training and Seminars at Sea. For more information on CLIA training, be sure to visit To enroll for CLIA's Certification program right now visit Certification.
Thank you for being a CLIA member!

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